quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2013

Panda XD

Hey hey he-ey :D

Today I'm gonna talk about something I really like... Doramas!! Hahaha
Japanese and Korean dramas to de more specific, but I only watch comedies. lol I'm going to talk about a Korean one that is providing me some fun, the name is "Panda and Hedgehog" (sounds silly...)

(warning: I'm terrible talking about anything I watch on tv...)

There's a girl named Pan Da Yang (Panda) who inherited a coffee shop from her parents and has money problems (she has a sister too, Pan Da Na). She needed a new patissier and Hedgehog, a patissier, needed a job, so he started working for Panda (not telling how they met each other). There's also the young president of a big bakery (not sure about what word use here...) and he is in love with the sweet Panda... Of course there's gonna be a love triangle, but it's a very simple one (I'm on the 8th episode yet...).

My perception about ...? I'm not sure... Sometimes I think Panda is a little selfish, but I'm really liking it. Maybe it's because of all that beautiful sweets.

And I really liked the young president's sister... whoa THAT is a funny girl! Hehehe

Since I don't have much to tell you, I'll just let you have some rest... And watch Panda... I'm watching it right here

Bye bye^^
Lady Batata Freeta

terça-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2013


I'm finally back from the land of the dead, babe!

Ok, so I've decided to change a little (or completely) my blog's goal. Let me explain...
I just graduated from college and decided to focus on other languages. At the moment i'm able to talk Portuguese, English, Spanish and Japanese (not fluent obviously, but I'm trying). In order to upgrade my communication skills and feel more comfortable outside my native language, I've decided to write and make videos on English now and, if it works, I should try other languages too.
Unfortunatelly I'm not pretty sure of what to talk about, but I hope you help me giving suggestions.

Many thanks for the ones who are supporting me.

Lady Batata Freeta