quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2013

Panda XD

Hey hey he-ey :D

Today I'm gonna talk about something I really like... Doramas!! Hahaha
Japanese and Korean dramas to de more specific, but I only watch comedies. lol I'm going to talk about a Korean one that is providing me some fun, the name is "Panda and Hedgehog" (sounds silly...)

(warning: I'm terrible talking about anything I watch on tv...)

There's a girl named Pan Da Yang (Panda) who inherited a coffee shop from her parents and has money problems (she has a sister too, Pan Da Na). She needed a new patissier and Hedgehog, a patissier, needed a job, so he started working for Panda (not telling how they met each other). There's also the young president of a big bakery (not sure about what word use here...) and he is in love with the sweet Panda... Of course there's gonna be a love triangle, but it's a very simple one (I'm on the 8th episode yet...).

My perception about ...? I'm not sure... Sometimes I think Panda is a little selfish, but I'm really liking it. Maybe it's because of all that beautiful sweets.

And I really liked the young president's sister... whoa THAT is a funny girl! Hehehe

Since I don't have much to tell you, I'll just let you have some rest... And watch Panda... I'm watching it right here

Bye bye^^
Lady Batata Freeta

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